Faculty Bio

Kapil D. Sethi, MD, FRCP

Karl Kieburtz, MD, MPH Panelist

Professor of Neurology and Community, Environmental, and Preventive Medicine, Director of the Center for Human Experimental Therapeutics University of Rochester Medical Center,
Rochester, NY.

Dr. Kieburtz’primary clinical and research interests are in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases affecting the basal ganglia, particularly Parkinson’s Disease, Huntington’s Disease, and HIV-related neurologic disorders.

He has been an active participant in the research activities of the Parkinson Study Group since 1989, and currently is Chair of the Executive Committee. He is the principal investigator for the NINDS-sponsored program (NET-PD) of neuroprotective agents for PD.

He currently serves on the International Executive Committee of the Movement Disorders Society and as Chair of the FDA Peripheral and Central Nervous System Advisory Committee. His publications and presentations have focused on experimental therapeutics and clinical research design strategies.