Faculty Bio

Andres M. Lozano, MD, PhD, FRCSC, FRSC

Jeffrey Kordower, PhD

The Jean Schweppe-Armour Professor of Neurological Sciences
Professor of Neurosurgery
Director, Research Center for Brain Repair
Section Head, Neuroscience
Rush University Medical Center
Chicago IL

Dr. Jeffrey Kordoweris a leading researcher in the fields of gene therapy, neural transplantation, nonhuman primate models of neurodegenerative disease and experimental therapeutic strategies for Parkinson’s and Huntington’s disease. In 1995, he made the pioneering demonstration that fetal transplants can survive in patients with Parkinson’s disease; a paper that was published in The New England Journal of Medicine. In 2000, he published the lead article in Science, demonstrating for the first time that gene delivery of a trophic factor called GDNF can prevent degeneration and restore function in nonhuman primate models of Parkinson’s disease. Dr. Kordower is a Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) Member for numerous biotechnology companies and foundations, including a founding member of the SAB for the Michael J. Fox Foundation. Currently his main interests involve gene therapy and cell replacement strategies using stem cells in rodent and nonhuman primate models of Parkinson’s and Huntington’s disease.